PrivaZer v3.0.40 Free Download Clean and protect your PC

PrivaZer is a free cleanup utility that helps you master your security over your Computer. The app has been designed to permanently and irretrievably erase unwanted traces of your past activity on your computer and on storage devices such as USB keys and external drives. This prevents others from retrieving what you have watched, streamed, or visited on Internet. The program has a simple interface that is quite easy to figure out, thanks to the intuitive layout.

Keeping the computer running at full speed can take a little bit of work if you don’t have the right tools. PrivaZer is a nice app that can optimize your computer. PrivaZer is able to permanently erase all traces using secure deletion methods and also reset disk sectors to zero in order to eliminate all traces from previous operations. Depending upon the size of your HDD and the amount of data you have, the initial scan and cleaning process can take a while.

The app requires that you specify which device to scan, letting you choose between the computer, storage drive, external storage device, USB flash drive, iPod, Mp3 Player, SD memory card and network storage. The bottom line is that PrivaZer is a nice tool that can help optimize the computer. It performs in-depth scans and securely cleans the system, wiping out any traces of Internet browsing and other activities. it can delete the unnecessary files left by previous versions of Windows, system updates and installers. It may also disable hibernation.

Features on the PrivaZer include
  ✔ Safe Working.
  ✔ Freeware.
  ✔ Easy to use.

File Detail
TitlePrivaZer Setup
Version: v3.0.40 (Updated)
File size: 7.02mb
Requirements: Windows (All Versions)
License: Freeware
Author: GoverSoft