Android Transfer (Latest) for Windows Free Download

Android Transfer for Windows Description.
Android Transfer for Windows is a Popular and very useful App with which you can manage your Android quickly and easily without having to access it through a complicated tool. With Android Transfer for PC. With this Tool, you can manage all of your Apps, Games, Videos, Photos no matter what extension they have.

To connect your devices, connect your Android device and Windows computer with a USB cable and select the 'USB debugging' option from the mobile settings menu. Once both devices are connected, just drag and drop your files to transfer them wherever you want or click on the different options available with Android Transfer PC.

For example, you can make backup copies, restore documents, and transfer all your multimedia files in such a way that you'll never lose anything important from your device.Android Transfer for Windows can also help with the installation of custom features such as connecting a phone to a computer via a Wi-Fi network.

     File Detail
     Title: Android Transfer for Windows
File size: 2.39mb
Requirements: Windows (All Versions)
License: Freeware
Author: Fuzhou Xianzhi Ruishi Informat